#fullrinjaniexperience #raptorinjani

15 individuals, including myself (work.floorball.school.chuch) came together to share the same shithole at Mt Rinjani (3-8 June 2016). Awesome company. Fantastic guides & porters. Good vibes. I think this group gonna stick around for a while as long as our bones and muscles allow us to trek & be adventurous!

This was one of my favourite trips to-date. It started off with a few of us wanting to do Rinjani last year, however due to circumstances, we were made to cancel off our trip. Thankfully, we did. Last November, the volcano in Lombok erupted and caused many delays to various flights. God is protecting and watching over us. Ps 91!! 

Thus we decided to do it this year! Prior to the trip, I was a lil stressed about the dynamics of the team and wondered how my different groups of friends travel together… hah! Oh man, the dynamics was just so awesome and everyone was nice to one another. We had lotsa fun teasing each other and doing life together for the 6 days. [good vibes indeed].

Rinjani is definitely one of the toughest treks (rating: 8/10 difficulty)! The climb up was so painful, long and tedious. Thank God for good company and guide who pushed me up and encouraged me along the way.

Enuff said, compiled a video which pretty summed up the fun we had on this trip! Enjoy! šŸ™‚

#fullrinjaniexperience (Video)



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