#raptojapan (22 Jan – 3 Feb 2016)

I planned to visit Kei-chan in Tokyo on a solo trip in January to give myself a birthday present (I am in the big 3 league, new season and to forget all the heartbreaks!).  As I was planning my trip, a friend asked if I will be interested to join him and his friends to Japan.. What are the odds that we are traveling to Japan at the same time, so we linked up and tadah, booked the tickets!

I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Takayama via Shirakawago. Shirakawago totally stole my heart. It was a dreamland and wonderland. Did I tell you that I experience snow, literally snow (ice) falling from the sky! *yay*

I am thankful that the guys allowed me to have many me-time! I enjoyed traveling and getting lost in the cities alone.. I am not a loner, just that I enjoyed being independent hehe! 

I am so glad that I got to meet Kei-chan and her husband, Kazu-san and stayed with them in their apartment in Tokyo. They made me feel so much at home, prepared breakfast & dinner for me, take me out on a “romantic” dinner by the bay. Can’t wait for them to come to Singapore and it will be my turn to host them

Simply too many memories to type them down, you can view the video I have made and see how much fun I had. 🙂

click here to see the video #raptojapan




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